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Robert Kuntz

Oh SK, you said you weren't going to inflate any more poultry. You promised.

Audubon Ron

That just gets my Yoda all festivie. Actually, you do realize that is just wrong on so many levels.

Pic 1: If one has an airblown turkey, one must also have an airblown pilgrim. Absent pilgrim completely changes the meaning of a Macy's Day Parade.

Pic 2: Do you always blow a turkey with your clothes on?

Pic 3: Everyone knows you have to remove the center rack before placing the turkey in the oven.

Have I been helpful at all?

P.S. I like your hair longer.

Audubon Ron

I misstated. I meant to say, I like your hair that length.

Suburban Kamikaze

We're not just making vaguely pornographic wordplay here, we're creating memories.

A few decades from now, this photo will be evidence of the sort of Norman Rockwell holidays we have always celebrated.



Nope, @Audubon Ron, I've liked her hair *longer* than you have. Ha.

And by the way, where do I buy inflatable smiling-teens to complete my table?

Audubon Ron

Dadsoffthecouch: You got me there. Hahaha!!!


Try to get that through airport security.
TSA: What have you got there Ms SK?
SK: An inflatable turkey
TSA: And what do you plan to do with that?
SK: I plan to blow it up...
I'm just sayin...


You have to blow your turkey? My friend in college had a job where she had to stroke the turkey to collect its sample to use later for artificial insemination, but she was never asked to blow it.


Time to deflate the turkey...

Suburban Kamikaze

Yeah, I know. I just can't seem to get into the spirit of inflatable Santa.
I'll sit on his lap if I have to, but that whole jolly man routine does nothing for me.


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