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Where do all those suburban Chicago leaves go? Please tell me they go to leaf heaven but come back someday as nice compost.

Suburban Kamikaze

I read somewhere that 30 percent of fall leaves end up in your house.


Audubon Ron

Neighbor trash talk is okay. It's the family trash talk you have to worry about. The family can rake in a lot of baggage.

Suburban Kamikaze

Lots of trash talk in our house. Very little raking. We are hoping for a storm that will blow them all into the neighbor's yard.


Robert Kuntz

They go to the farm, out in the country, where all those pets who go the farm, out in the country, can romp and play in them.

They do not go into the fiery, fiery furnace and you cannot hear their leafy screams rising into the suburban night.

So it's fine.


You say competitive, but I don't see any ribbons. You can't have a Midwestern competition without ribbons, waffle cake, chicken fried bacon and hot beef sundaes! What you have there is a curb full of just-don't-care...

Suburban Kamikaze

Leafy Screams and a Curb Full of Just-Don't-Care will be the title of my forthcoming Midwestern memoir. I am haunted by leaves...



Oh no you don't SK. You have to work Appalling Regional Delicacies into the title, I'm pretty sure you promised. I don't care if it's not a cookbook. It can be on of those entendre things.

Suburban Kamikaze

I always thought the ARD was a stand-alone project, but maybe you're right.
Leafy Screams, Appalling Regional Delicacies and a Curb Full of Just-Don't-Care: The Suburban Kamikaze Midwestern Survival Guide.
It doesn't leave a lot of room for the hamball photo, but I like the way it rolls out...

Nancy R

There's no trash talk in our leafy neighborhood. Just one lady who BITCHES to everyone behind our back about how our leaves are always blowing into her yard.

We're all...umm...isn't that the point? Like she expects us to rake them or something.

Executive Suburbanite

Raking leaves is like making the bed. Totally useless.

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