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That basket doesn't look like it holds much candy.
If that's you, where's the wine glass?


With those black tights it looks like you're floating so I think she probably was onto something.

Executive Suburbanite

Remember those days when our kids were pleased with so little effort? Setting expectations low and beating them was the hallmark of my parenting strategy, so I guess it was your mother's too.

Suburban Kamikaze

Wait. Did you mean to say exceeding them?
Because I am going to be really pissed off if I find out we have been allowed to beat them all this time and nobody told me.

Also, Sue: This was the martini glass era.

And Paulita: Fine. A floating kid with a slip over her head and carrying an Easter basket. Thanks Mom!



I can't stop laughing. You did look really cute and you do seem to be floating! That was what we called a "crinoline", purchased for 50 cents. How else would Dad and I get to travel Europe. MDM


I appreciate your (mother's) priorities. Have a martini in France, dress the kids in leftover crinolines.


I personally love the disappearing legs in this costume. However, I also have sympathy, as one year, I seem to remember that my youngest sister had no costume at all until Middle Sister and I dressed her in her white tights and white leotard, covered her head with pink crepe paper, and called her a lollipop. Predictably, the head covering became an encumbrance, so she removed it. But all the adults "oohed" and "ahhed" over the "cute ballerina" so it turned out just fine in the end anyway. What were our parents thinking, leaving a 6 and 8 yr old in charge of costumes? One can only imagine...

Suburban Kamikaze

Clearly our parents were thinking "European vacation."

Whereas I could go to France on what I've spent on calculators this year...


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