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Audubon Ron

Are you licensed to use terms like Oy vey?

Suburban Kamikaze

License, Schmicense.



They are right, ruffles rule and that is one beautiful dress! Stifling my "awwww" reflex here.


Is it kosher to wear black to a bar mitzvah?

Suburban Kamikaze

It better be. I'm not sure they will let us back into the shop where we changed our mind 18 times, before finally settling on the most expensive. Which is a useful shortcut to remember next time.


Seriously, Jess

Did your daughter question why you took a picture that cut off her head?

I would've been all, "Geesh, Mom. Whaddaya taking a picture of my CHEST for?!?"

Suburban Kamikaze

Obviously your children are not old enough yet to have their own agents. Once they do, the use of their image becomes an exercise in complex negotiation.


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