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You so pretty when you're angry.


My one rule is still working pretty well, at work, at school and at home...and, as you know from dozens of school field trips with me, the one rule is: DON'T MAKE ME LOOK BAD!


One more glass of wine will make you forget rules ever existed in the first place.


What you need to remember is that you're drinking to forget.

Suburban Kamikaze

"Post-It Notes and Pinot Noir" will be the title of my forthcoming parenting memoir.



The rule in our house is: don't cross me when I say you've broken a rule. Or something like that. Maybe it's pass the wine. I do know that you apparently missed a rare opportunity to eat cheese in the shape of a cow, or to gift it to someone, on that trip to The Lake That Was Not In Switzerland.


The one rule in my house is---- I read the SK before the NYT on Sunday morning! What's going on? Is the SK in summer re-runs? 9/6/2010 was a lifetime ago!

Suburban Kamikaze

It might seem as if there is nothing going on around here, but close readers of the site will know that we are forever tweaking, culling and thinking up ways to keep the SK experience as free of useful content as possible.


Cindy Goodman

My rule is "You can never fool your mother. So don't even try it."

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