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Seriously, Jess

Reminds me of my sis-in-law... each year on the first day of school, she meets the school bus with a mimosa in hand.

I love her dearly.

Audubon Ron

Oh I am disappointed. Mothers slamming tequila at the bus stop on the first day of school, like my mom did, throws me back to child issues. It throws me back I tell ya. When I was just getting over those things after 40 years and now I read this. For the record, exactly what tequila were you slamming back? The one I’m drinking right now is Montezuma Aztec Gold. Sort of on the cheap side but plenty of punch I think. Oh, I can’t believe what you have done to your children you wretched women. Did you get plenty of lime? I got plenty of lime. Crushed ice too, w/a couple of flat out shooters. I kinda get horny with tequila really. Probably didn’t know that. Oh, how thoroughly disappointing you are as mothers and so low in the moral category of things. And what did you have for lunch? Lunch and tequila really go hand in hand. Damn I love tequila. You terrible mothers you are.

Suburban Kamikaze

Some people claim that there's a mother to blame, but we know, it's your own damn fault.


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