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mmmmm....Frankly, any experimentation with Margaritas is good experimentation, in my book.

Seriously, Jess

This is right up my alley. I'm now on summer #2 being unable to drink (last year was sick, this year, pregnant), so allow me to live vicariously through you as you conduct this very important research.

I will be taking notes along the way.

Also, I'm pleased to see you're a purist with the lime margaritas. Berry-flavored margaritas are for amateurs.

Audubon Ron

Sounds great, before heading south make sure to swing over and catch my Chico Chicken video.

Suburban Kamikaze

The good news for you Jess, is that the less tequila we used, the better they tasted. Seriously. My Mexican boyfriend will cringe when I say this, but the high-end tequila tasted to me like something from out of a still. Figure out what to substitute for the Cointreau, or perhaps allow yourself a teeny splash and you will have the best tasting almost-a-virgin drink ever. (Insert your own joke here.) We used a bottled mix, lots of fresh lime and a pour of lemon-lime seltzer to cut down the sweet. It is of course, still a work in progress...


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