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Not to boast, but your truck stop sailor and I have been an "item" for a while now.

Which is my nice way of saying: been there, done that, nailed it shut.

PS-Has he tried the 'Would you like me to cut the cheese?' joke on you yet?

Good times.

Suburban Kamikaze

You certainly do get around. Your passport must be nothing but ink and pastry smears.



Wow, Bossy was wondering what happened to Popeye. She's been looking for him on VH1's Behind The Music.


I can only hazard a guess about the pronunciation of "BRAT STOP." If I'm wrong, I either wouldn't ever stop there or I'd be forced to stop there, take your pick.


I hope you switched to your fake WI license plates at the border. We don't like FIBS up here, and we're not afraid to show it.
(Says the former Northwest Suburbanite)

Suburban Kamikaze

I was hoping to run into you in one of those trendy Wisconsin cheese bars just off the interstate. I figured you might let me order the cheese wine without ridicule.

Also, I have never worked for the FBI, I swear.


Seriously Jess

It's actually prounounced "brahht" (long A) as in bratwurst. Brats are kind of our thing up here, next to beer and then next to cheese, of course.

(Which reminds me... you really ought to try a cheese brat boiled in beer. They rock.)

And, not to brag, but I went to a wedding reception at the Brat Stop years ago. It was a lovely affair, but not enough for me to want the word "brat" on my own wedding invitations.

Suburban Kamikaze

Oops. About the baby shower invitations... It was just that we heard you had a serious craving for cheese.


Audubon Ron

Cheeeses, you got to watch out for those Wisconsin people. My Little Woman is from Wisconsin.

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