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When my brother went to college, my OCD mom wrote out very detailed instructions on how to do laundry and stuck it in his suitcase. She fretted afterwards whether he might be mad/embarrassed about it. She cautiously asked him later if he found it. She was surprised when he said that it was GREAT! Not only did he use it, but all of the other guys in his dorm had made copies and were using it too. :D (Apparently their moms were not as OCD.)

Suburban Kamikaze

That is a beautiful story.


Audubon Ron

He will learn that unless he wants meaningful sex all of his pitiful days, he will need to know that Tide Original Scent and Bounce Original scent are the only paths to total ecstasy.

Please, feel free to quote me.


Yeah, Tide does it for me, too, Ron. Bounce, however, stops me cold. You now know my buttons.

Suburban Kamikaze

We have done our best to warn him away from meaningful sex, but who knows how much gets through?

As for the laundry tips, I am overwhelmed at the quality of information/laundry porn being produced by our comments section. Not one, but TWO laundry connoisseurs.

If there is a better sourced sex and laundry blog on the Internet, I have yet to see it.


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