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My seven-year-old son (and his pyro dad) would be glad to try igniting the filth.


Bossy hears full body mud masks are very hot right now. Like, literally, ew.


Looks a lot like my sink full of dirty dishes. Not inviting either.


My 9yr old has an ongoing science project in the backyard sand box that looks just like that. I expect the Health Dept. to shut him down any moment now...

Seriously, Jess

Looks like you're breeding mosquitos.

One Midwesterner to another: Please stop. Please.

Suburban Kamikaze

If this pool were in my backyard there were be little rounds of lime floating on top and the water would be as clear as cheap tequila.



I would check with BP. Maybe you aren't floating the soccer ball correctly. It probably needs a new valve. The hula-hoop failure is a shocker though. In the past they have proven to be impenetrable containment devices. I will alert the Keys.

Audubon Ron

Sorry but it kinda looks like the pool in my duck pen. My ducks poop in it. Yuk.

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