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You LIVE in Chicago. You should NOT be making home-made pizza. Ever... Unless of course you really want a Grape Jam pizza, then home is where you should stay.

Suburban Kamikaze

Is that a question?



Replace the pizza sauce with salsa and you've got my fridge.
Can't throw it away, but since you don't know how old it is, you can't eat it, either. So open another one.
BTW, is that a bottle of Arbor Mist in the background? If so, may I help you finish it?

Suburban Kamikaze

It could be. And no, we will drink red wine when you visit. But a better question is, who the fuck opened three jars of pizza sauce? Also, why?



But, but, I LIKE Arbor Mist... It's like alcoholic koolaid...

Suburban Kamikaze

I'm not really sure it's the right pairing for pizza sauce.


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