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The Tom Sawyer analogy is brilliant. I only wish I'd thought of it to use in my occasional responses to these pitches. (Most I just ignore; occasionally, I write them back to explain why/how they got it so wrong.) Perhaps, the next time I feel moved to write back, I will plagiarize your metaphor. Can metaphors be plagiarized? Are they copyrighted? Did you TM that Tom Sawyer comparison? These are burning questions that the writers amongst us need answered.

Suburban Kamikaze

I am pretty sure Tom Sawyer belongs to all of us.



I would drive down from Wisconsin for ANY of your parties, SK.

Suburban Kamikaze

While it is true that I was responsible for instituting the two-drink minimum at the PTA meetings as well as the concept of the Dirty Tupperware Party, Profanity Billiards and X-rated scrapbooking, I am not sure I could pull off the sponsored hand washing party. The cruelty of it...


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