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Suburban Kamikaze

CLARIFICATION: When I said that I would rather "live on Cheez-Whiz for a month than endure a week of family dinners" it was not my intention to disparage either my sister-in-law's nacho recipe or any particular element of Midwestern block party cuisine, which relies heavily on Cheez-Whiz as an additive. It was meant solely as a reflection on the excruciating experience of dining with my family.



I thought and thought about what I have to come clean about and realized:
I have led a blameless life.
And whose fault is that, I ask you?

Suburban Kamikaze

My guess is Stanley McChrystal has something to do with it. Or possibly Lady Gaga. Who frankly has set the ass bar a little too high in that picture.



I cannot agree more about the family dinners.


Clarification, when I said I would move to Chicago when you did it was my full, heartfelt intention to do so but with the express logical knowledge that you would not survive even one snowstorm, let alone three snowblind, lake effect winters. I even kept your coffee table for a few years just in case. What could go wrong I thought...when it hit the 70s at the annual Mother's Day Cubs game I saw you on TV, in the stands, under a wedding quilt,surrounded by drunken, ...belly painted Cubs fans

Suburban Kamikaze

NONDENIAL-DENIAL/STATEMENT OF REGRET: In the event I may have been indiscreet in sharing anyone's secret hopes, dreams or trysts with famous novelists, I would like to preemptively apologize/deny/claim it was off the record.


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