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I had a fantastic margarita in a bowl-shaped glass the size of my head the other day. I wasn't anywhere near the beach and was barely even near the outdoors (do open windows in a tiny midwestern town count?), but I am here to vouch that a really good margarita tastes very very fine almost anywhere. So at least you have that. It's small consolation, I realize. But at least if you drink a bowlful, you get to the point where it no longer matters to you that you aren't at the beach. ;)

Suburban Kamikaze

I suppose that is what the proprietors of the Interstate Crab Shack are counting on.



Awww, SK, I thought you were finally liking it after 5 years "up here" as you so frequently say. After that amount of time, you might want to consider saying "here" instead. As in "you are here." It may suck, and it may be raining today, but here you are. Cheers!


C'mon up by me for a few days. We'll have some nice margaritas to go with our breaded-and-deep-fried-cheese-curds, and you will forget all about that hot and muggy Florida place where the insects and the alligators are the same size.

Suburban Kamikaze

I am guessing deep-fried cheese curd is one of those foods that tastes a lot better than it sounds? Or else you make a really impressive margarita.



Actually, I couldn't bring myself to try them until last year and they are pretty good. You get your choice of ranch or bbq sauce with them. I'm not touching the unfried ones, though; they look scary, all bunched up in a bag looking slightly fused.
Hmmm, now that I think of it, my poor daughter and several of her friends once spent a sad hour or so on spring break in that godforsaken Florida place looking for cheese curds and no one, not even Dairy Queen, had them in any form. They had no idea that cheese curds weren't available everywhere.
Sorry, my margaritas come from a bottle of Jose Cuervo premix. On the rocks, of course.


On the bright side: an opaque mug for Mama's DON'T-DRINK-THAT-THAT'S-MAMA'S-COFFEE, um, coffee.

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