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Perhaps I'm missing something, but what exactly is this article guaranteeing if the quoted experts say only sociopaths are guilt-free, while the headline promises us never to feel guilty again? It seems to me that the logical conclusion is that this article is a clear set of lessons on how to become a sociopath. Sa-weeet!

Suburban Kamikaze

Sadly no. For that you will have to wait for my forthcoming parenting manual: The Underachiever's Guide to Good Enough Parenting


Executive Suburbanite

Sanctimommies is the title of your next book, after The Underachiever's Guide to Good Enough Parenting. Seriously, I would buy that shit asap! Even better would be The Overachiever's Guide to Dealing with a Mediocre Family

Suburban Kamikaze

We really should have switched them all at birth.


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