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Executive Suburbanite

Seems not so different from the mental checklist Mr. Executive had when sizing up potential soulmates. You can guess what was Nos. 1 and 2 on the list.


Duh. Of course it's the hair. Didn't Matt Kendall have the nicest hair in the fifth grade? Wasn't it glossy black, thick, and arrayed in the absolute most perfect wings imaginable? What else did one need to know about him really? He was desire personified thanks to that hair.


Hair as the main factor goes back at least as far as the Beatles, but probably not before that, when lots of Brylcreem was involved. Before Brylcreem I think it was bear grease, not sure.
You might mention to your daughter that George turned out way better-looking than Paul in the long run, so cute at a young age doesn't always pan out. I'm sure she'll appreciate the observation.


Justin what now? (she asks trying to believe her own bullsh*t)

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