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And I had a job offer in New Orleans those many years ago. What was I thinking going to Florida? I miss all the fun.

Seriously, Jess

I'm guessing drive-thru margarita joints and liquor stores are coping mechanisms for oppressive heat and humidity and ginormous bugs.

For me, in the Midwest, I'm ok mixing my own.

Suburban Kamikaze

You're probably right. I don't see the drive-through frozen cocktail thing catching on around here. Mulch, on the other hand, would be huge.


Suburban Kamikaze

Sadly, P, it is true that you missed out on a lot of fun. But we made some videos for you. Just be sure the children are all in bed before you watch them.



This is an interesting town, New Orleans. Yes you are right, between humidity around 200% and lovebugs whose name is decieving, we need something like a drivethru daiquiri place.

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