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Admit it. You thought the shark infested cupcakes were kind of cute. As a matter of fact, I bet they were your idea and after the girls walked away, you secretly rearranged them.


Nope, having dealt with the Whimsy Twins once or twice myself I can vouch for the fact that they probably came up with the Shark Infested Sea of Cupcakes all by themselves. Left alone at my house for half an hour they came up with their own Hamster Tennis match, using Alex's hamster and the ping pong table. I intervened before the SPCA was called but not before the hamster learned first hand the meaning of match point. Playing out their fantasies in cupcakes actually shows a huge leap in maturity for those two. Less possible jail time...depending on what's actually IN the cupcakes...

Suburban Kamikaze

You would have more luck rearranging actual sharks than attempting to intervene in a Whimsy Twins production. It's best to just save your energy for butter slick mitigation and/or hamster rehab.



really-- I love the book idea (Destroying the Kitchen...)--you need another project

Suburban Kamikaze

I think that will be the title of the girls' cookbook...


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