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The over-achiever-ish drinks sound delicious. I want one right now. The only ingredients I have on hand, though, are rum and sugar water. Without the mint and lime, they don't sound quite as perfect, do they?

Audubon Ron

I swear to drunk I am not god. You can roll my lime all you want, Little Lady, but round here you can’t achieve ovaries by ozmojitos. Hell no, you got to buy one big ass BBQ pit, with wheels, and a side smoker and ooogah horn – from Texas. That stereo grill’in ain’t ‘Merican,’ is like “What-ebber.” You guys look like ya’ll from the Burps. And where’s that Lazy Boy out here in the yard? May I could have one more them simple syrups, I’m driv’in?

Yeah baby…


is that a topiary duck in the background?

Suburban Kamikaze

It is and you can bet your suburban ass that duck will be making another appearance on SK in the near future. We are dedicated to ferreting out such things.



Suburban Overachiever grows her own mint? Well, what kind? Perhaps her stands of orange or pineapple mint would do well for your mojitos. Probably her patch of chocolate mint wouldn't work; maybe mint from the spearmint section would work best after all, but then she would need to choose between her plain-leaved or crinkly-leaved varieties.
Oh, she doesn't have her mints separated by variety?
Silly SK, you are in awe of an overachiever who has neglected to inform you that a lovely patch of mint is easy to establish in your yard. It's keeping the stuff from spreading everywhere that might be a challenge.
One day, over a pitcher of sangria (the only true summer drink, sorry mojitos), I will tell you all about my herb phase. We will cry; we will laugh; and you will learn to fear lemon balm.

Suburban Kamikaze

The suburbs are a thicket of intrigue...



That's it -- Bossy is on her way back. Crush the mint.

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