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I hope you mentioned that if she wanted to be really authentic, by now she would have been married against her will to a member of the minor nobility and have a couple of kids.
And then I assume you went into great detail about bathing habits.
Fun times.


Wow, how many goats and sheep to marry HER?!

That was very tacky -- sorry. A needle and thread? In the morning? You are my new hero, SK.

p.s. The peasants all live around *here*.


Did anyone offer to slather themselves in goose grease and then get sewn into their long underwear for the duration of medieval middle school? Because I hear that's how many people (even nobles) spent the winter. And it's practically winter again here in the midwest.

Inquiring minds want to know.


PS I apologize profusely for the lack of noun pronoun agreement up there. Can't stand that when my students do it. Don't know why I just did.

Suburban Kamikaze

English majors sweat the small stuff as if they themselves were slathered in goose grease and sewn into their long underwear...
But that is why we love them.



Loooove it! Hate those early-morning repair jobs, Husband does that to me all the time, usually when he has 1.5 minutes to leave the house before being late to something important.

When I first read the title of your post I thought it said, "...free of peanuts" so I was trying to figure out if medieval folks ate a lot of peanuts or something... this is what I get when I read blogs too early in the morning! lol

And hey, there had to be a Ye Olde Middle Schoole for the nobles, too, right? You dasn't expect them to hobnob with the unwashed rabble all day! You're just one of the lucky ones. Love the photo, too.

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