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She's on her way to my house as I write! It's kind of a like a cosmic link between me and SK, no? I was contemplating wine on the back deck, with cheese and olives for the afternoon, but I can see you've beat me to that idea/venue, though you offered the brunch variety. So now the real question is: should I assume she'll be in a TS Eliot, Elizabeth Bishop or "Jabberwocky" mood when she gets here? And what's the opposite of a mimosa? (an ice skate, perhaps? but I can't see how to work that into the afternoon) And yet, I do so want to be original...


Bossy finally thought of the answer to Why, and the answer is! No freaking idea.

Next crime to solve: The mystery of the missing bracelets.

Suburban Kamikaze

"Follow the money. But don't forget to also look under the bed."
-Woodward's Mom


I was hoping for a big safe-opening reveal. Too soon?

Bush Babe

You guys are funny... thanks for that 'fly on the wall' account of the visit. How many bottles before spillage?

Suburban Kamikaze

More than you would think. The girl can hold her champagne.


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