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Love your new traditions. This year we started a new tradition where the 16-year-old refused to get out of bed. Then when he did get up he was mad at us for starting the Easter basket hunt without him. I can get used to it I guess.


Our new tradition is to bike the 15 mile Shark Valley Loop. I'm 54; husband turns 52 today, let's see how long it lasts. The 14 year old is betting it is going to be a one hit wonder. But what does he know? Mr. Tough guy was unconcious and snoring all the way home. It definitely would have enhanced the experience had we thought to bring Peeps Martinis. We nearly got arrested anyway and that would have looked much better on the federal U.S Department of the Interior ticket (Rangers are worse than Mounties) paperwork. Unlawful transport of Peeps and Alcohol on Federal Property. I like the sound of that...

Audubon Ron

Traditions are important and you are the one to make them, as did, your mom and her mom, and etc. After all, you are the configurational center of your home. (What’d I say, what’d I say, dang, sounds smart).

Suburban Kamikaze

The trick is convincing everyone that we have always done it this way even as I am making it up on the spot. Don't try to tell me that the hula hoop martini contest won't be back next year. That one is a keeper.


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