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You are approaching this the wrong way, Amateur. Form your own group, not a syndicate, more of a SWAT team, to respond to these underhanded tactics. Do not try to nip it in the bud, that will only put things off until the next party. When a parent finds herself the victim of a party scam, she calls in the SK SWAT team, who show up at the besieged domicile and proceed to party right along with the girls, matching them squeal for squeal and more importantly, asking children who are not their daughters how they're doing in school, do they have any boyfriends and what they'll be doing this summer. If any of the SWAT team happen to bring wine along, unfortunately the person who called in the SWAT team won't be able to get ANYONE out of the house, but after awhile no one but the severely humiliated children will care. You're welcome.

Suburban Kamikaze

Well goddamn, Sue, if you haven't nailed it again...
It's mommy's dance party now.


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