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Mr Lady

"The explanation part takes four words."

That. Is. Awesome.


Perhaps on reading his 'romantic' excuses, his wife might suddenly develop an all encompassing need to vandalise his car and throw all his posessions into the front yard.

Let's hope so.


What an a** He cheats because he is weak, spineless little boy who doesn't want to choose between the cake or the cookie. Here's hoping the cake and the cookie both walk out in favor of someone else. As for his wife, I'm sure she'd appreciate being exposed to all sorts of creepy diseases and 2nd hand crappy lovers just so he can get his rocks off by the vending machine


Perhaps he should stay away from Wisconsin motel/hotels, where things sometimes take a different turn:

Suburban Kamikaze




Oh I'm sure those kinds of things would never happen at the Wisconsin Hampton Inns...they don't even offer super glue on their room service menus with or without Altar boys.

Suburban Kamikaze

It doesn't matter. Midwestern women don't go anywhere without a hot glue gun and their scrapbooking scissors. Those women are very resourceful.
He's lucky he wasn't bedazzled.


I like the fact that he had to chew through the sheets. Who knows what had been on those sheets before they were stuffed in his mouth. (I'm hoping for arsenic...)

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