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Sounds like you're still a little scrambly from the flu. Sorry you were sick and I nearly fainted in surprise that your children didn't finish the laundry. I'm sure your husband, who must be out of town, would have taken care of you and the laundry.


Sadly, once Texas rewrites the books, schools across America will begin using them as well. Apparently, Texas is SO BIG and they order SO MANY text books, that what they order predetermines what publishers will print. Glad my kid will be out of HS after next year, but it does not bode well for the country I'm afraid.


Imagine Texas's and the textbook cabal's surprise when they find that no one uses textbooks anymore. They can pull up the actual news reports from the civil rights era and hear the actual tapes and read the actual transcripts of the McCarthy hearings and read all about Thomas Jefferson on the ... INTERNET....ooooo...they just didn't count on that!

Audubon Ron

Wow, sorry about the test book war. Hey, teachers only have an hour and it is likely most of what is being taught isn’t going to be remembered anyway.

Now for you flu, smelly household, curse thingamadewhickey. The new textbooks will teach your kids that the reason your house smells awful is because you are non-believer and deserving of the entire wrath of disbelief and small of hell. You’re going to hell in a laundry basket. Now, move closer to the screen so I can reach through and slap you really hard in the forehead ala Jerry Falwell and yell, “HEAL THY SELF!” Better now? Yeah, I know, it works on my TV every time.

Suburban Kamikaze

I have been to Hell. The music was too loud and the drinks were ridiculously expensive, but it was a very fun crowd.



Hasn't Texas seceded yet? They keep promising to and then they don't go away.

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