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Miss Britt

I own 83 plastic bins.

And my house is a damn mess woman!

suburban kamikaze

La la la la la. (That is the sound of me singing with my fingers in my ears...)

Robert K

What I think is endearing -- hell, what is just downright adorable -- is your sunny, Midwestern optimism.

Oh. Wait. You are only IN the Midwest by main force. You're from Florida. So you're not optimistic, just deluded.

Good for the economy, though, all that bin buying.


just wait until one of your kids comes home after seeing the proverbial environmental light (not that there's anything wrong with it, of course) and says: "mom, do you have any idea how you will be polluting the world with all those plastic bins?"

(not that this has happened to me, you know. i only have about 20 plastic bins.)

however, i have found this argument helpful, should you ever find yourself in that moment: "sweetheart , do you have any idea how you will be polluting the world with all those toys and crafts materials you seem to be hoarding in your room? i'll call off santa/chanukah and you can play with something more environmentally friendly. like tree bark."

Mr Lady

This, right here, "Hooks and shelves only spread the problem to the walls" is where I started laughing SO hard that the tears poured out. I'll have to re-read this once I can see clearly again.


Does this mean I shouldn't be smoking crack cocaine? Because I keep mine in a bin.




The answer is actually a 30 yard dumpster. It is amazing how the "youngsters" start taking care of their own belongings the minute the garbage man delivers that lovely, empty, heart warming dumpster. As it is large enough to drive a car into they know you mean business. And yes, I've done it


Ruth is my new hero.

And my basement is full of bins that my kids think are full of the latest toys, should be promptly pulled over and spilled everywhere, only to be disregarded when it is determined that they contain books with no pictures.

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