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I'm glad you're blogging so much, but that photo does not let your inner beauty shine through. Is that your driver's license photo?

Audubon Ron

What, they let you drive? At your age?

Suburban Kamikaze

I can't post photos of my inner beauty. I am a member of the PTA for chrissakes.



I can't tell if Audobon Ron is giving you a huge compliment ("non, non, cherie, you look only fourteen") or an insult ("seriously? aren't you at the 'take a test every year to be sure you aren't senile yet' stage of driver's licensing?"). What a conundrum he packed into two such short questions.


All I can say is the only cross-stitch gift I ever got was from the SK.

Suburban Kamikaze

You are referring, of course, to the Daniel Craig pot holder I made for you. It took me a really long time to get the Speedo right.


Executive Suburbanite

SK has the ability to take the worst photos of herself. Of course, I have some photos of her that would definitely show one version of her inner beauty.
But seriously the other day I found myself reading the fine print on Strivectin or some such at Costco -- I can't actually need anything like this, right? Right?

Suburban Kamikaze

And you are referring of course, to the "Women of the PTA" calendar that I posed for a few years ago. It was all very tastefully done. Plus, it was for the children.

Also, if you can actually read the fine print on the Strivectin bottle you probably don't need it yet.

You're welcome.


Suburban Kamikaze

Audubon Ron, on the other hand, may be referring to rumors - slander, really - that we are unable to back out of the driveway in a straight line. These rumors are spread by a certain member of the Kamikaze household who will remain nameless, but who has the ridiculous idea that it matters which shoulder you look over when you are backing up. This is the stupidest argument since the one about hanging toilet paper, and somebody should really let it go.



I remember you in "Women of the PTA." You really stood out with those go-go boots and pasties. Well done.

PS-Cross-stitch doesn't always have to be about fine wine and age...


Suburban Kamikaze

Not exactly your grandmother's samplers...


Personally, I am extremely fond of the demure square sampler graced with an artful slice of cherry pie and the words "Shut Your Piehole." Nice.

Suburban Kamikaze

Who are these disaffected crafters? I really want to be invited to one of their parties.



Your eyebrows!

They are beautiful!


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