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Kids need to become comfortable in their own skin. Pre-teen girls, especially. What better place to make that happen than middle school? As I recall, middle school was all about feeling good about yourself, with little worry of being judged, mocked, or humiliated. Hurrah for easy costumes and thorough anatomy lessons!


I say delegate! Just have your kids watch Clash of the Titans this weekend and see what they come up with on their own.

Oh, and lock down the computers. I woudldn't want your daughter to rely on Google alone for this.


And I'm pretty sure the pimply kid who works at Spencer's gifts in the mall is totally going to believe you when you tell him that you need the manacles for your daughter's history/literature costume project. So, have fun with that.

Audubon Ron

Even lots of wine doesn't help me on this one. Way over my head.


i love this story, it gets better when they get older, the notice is way shorter, the homework more expensive than time consuming.

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