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Sarah has never listened to an advisor in her life. No one is sabotaging her; you should be feeling sorry for the poor saps who've been trying to get her to listen to the most basic advice.
Then again, why should she? Until her looks go she'll sparkle on like Tinker Bell, who if you remember was also not very nice to the people around her.


What I want to know is: how did you get that still from the forthcoming SNL skit about Palin? I thought that stuff aired live?! You really are an awesome journalist.

Seriously, Jess

I heart this post.

Audubon Ron

I am thoroughly offended that you are sexist. You expect more of women than you do of men? The Anointed One is just as pathetic. Ask any Supreme Court Judge, or any General, or any Economist. Only B.O. is a high functioning teleprompting spin jockey who can’t seem to open his Harvard schooled mouth without offending someone, usually the disabled. You see, we have a tendency to catch the Ivy League status and miss the C- in constitutional law. At least Palin doesn’t boast of an Ivy League diploma. Perhaps therein lays the rub, she is what she is and doesn’t pretend to be something more. Why do you continue to miss the point? It is so obvious. The leadership position of our country is not a position suitable for a brilliant person. Brilliant people don’t make good postal stamps. They have to be dumb so we can criticize them. (BTW, nice hand, is that yours? You need to call me about your life line. I could be wrong, but…the way I read it you will live to be 196…and 150 of those years you will not have social security.)


Sarah Palin is the kind of politician/woman who makes you proud to be an American citizen.

Her intellect is like a giant black hole--stretching on into eternity.

I imagine some day "The Palin Memorial" in D.C. will show that very hand, covered in writing, raised up to the heavens. Glory be! Praise Sarah!

Suburban Kamikaze

And to think we made her from scratch. What other country could do that?


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