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Note also that the picture was taken in the Jenny Sanford Wedding Garden... See the plaque behind her in the uncropped NYT photo above.

Suburban Kamikaze

Another deft touch. Gov. Mark was waaaay out of his league in crossing her. Also, she rocks those black suede boots.



Not to take anything away from Ms. Sanford, because IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME a political wife did this, but if I had both my own and a family fortune to back me up and keep myself and my family more than comfortable basically forever, I'd take a high road lined with knives too.

Suburban Kamikaze

You are right. A fat pile of economic security does make the high road easier. Also the low road, the middle road and the little path off to the side.



Yes yes on the "money makes the path easier" part. But eloquence? That can't be bought. And seriously, "It's not the book that put him in a bad light" is genius.

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