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Cindy Goodman

I am feeling so 2009. I went short and Kate went long. Even worse, I haven't been assigned to the story.


Will these people never disappear? Someone needs to tell them that they aren't that important just because they managed to have a bunch of kids and a messy divorce on tv...

Anyways, we never did see that list of the stuff under your couch. *taps fingers*

Suburban Kamikaze

But her hair is fabulous. You can't help but admire a woman with children who manages to pull off a 20-hour salon visit... It's inspirational really.

Yes, yes, the stuff under the couch. We're almost ready. It's just that we're hoping to do it with a bit of fanfare and well --look at that, we're OFF TOPIC AGAIN. You'll just have to trust us that it will be WELL WORTH THE WAIT. Assuming your threshold of excitement is on the lowish side.

Also, CG? Hairstyles of the Federal Reserve. It's just sitting there.



As a former newsroom staffer, I know you're only serious.


If Kate Gosselin's hair could be tied to market predictions (not tied in the sense that hair extensions are tied by rather in the sense of connections made), then we could have a real story. You know that old saw about the length of women's skirts? Short skirts, market goes up, long skirts, market goes down? I'm sure there's a Project Runway, Kate Gosselin's hair, real scoop to be had there. For an enterprising pair of journalists plus a photographer, obviously.

Suburban Kamikaze

You may be on to something. Might as well bet the 401k on it...



That's hair? I thought hair grew out of one's head or below the freckle on the chin. That looks suspiciously like synthetic collateralized cheese to me. Mmmmmmmm, cheeeeeese.

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