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Those pig cupcakes are boss. I like to see what I'm becoming as I eat.

XX Lady Hoss


Okay, hamster ping-pong is seriously cruel, but I may be even worse because it made me laugh. After eating an entire castle made of cake practically by myself this weekend (hello, birthday party!), I will join you: OINK.

Suburban Kamikaze

They claimed they were only using the paddles to keep the hamsters from running off the edge of the ping pong table. Even so, we say putting the hamsters on the ping pong table in the first place qualifies this for the list.



Eurolush: Thanks to you, I'm going to work 'boss' into my vocab today. It's seriously underused.


I loves me some cupcakes. I would say mail me some but with this weather, ummm...no. I don't like soggy cupcakes. They are incredibly cute though. Congrats on the disaster-free adventure!


I think you could be counting your cupcakes before they mildew in some long forgotten corner of your linen closet or behind the not so drywall. Follow the ants for the real tally of weekend mayhem. Failure is not in the Whimsey Twins' DNA...

Suburban Kamikaze

Oh god. You're right. It was too easy. Too buttery. Too quiet. The Silence of the Scams...


Executive Suburbanite

You forgot the time they dumped shampoo and lotion all over the floor to cause the boys to trip and kill themselves.

Suburban Kamikaze

Ah yes, the indoor slip and slide, with SPF15 and new anti-wrinkle technology. My floors never looked more youthful.


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