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Are you kidding? It will take Bossy twelve months to learn to type 2010. That should keep Bossy plenty busy without the pesky ambition of year expectations.

Love to the fam.

Audubon Ron

You’re my hero - I mean heroin. Speaking of which, I’m not double dosing on the meds this year; in fact, I’m not taking any meds at all. I’m going on “the natch.” It’s not all about me and what I want anymore, it’s about whatchaya get. You get Ronnie in the Raw (something like unplugged). No matter what, we’re having fun.

Mr Lady

I buy 64 ounce Ketchup bottles. AND OVALTINE.

i am 95 years old.

And I'm GOING to meet you in 2010, so help me god.


All I know is there's no cure for a Peeps Martini hangover. None. What wisdom will the next 5000 years bring...

Suburban Kamikaze

Hair of the bunny?



I think the security measures failed. Audubon Ron is still here. ;-)

We aren't uncooperative...we're opinionated. (And quite possibly pushy and very interested in your PEACH TILE.)

Suburban Kamikaze

We are never getting off this island.


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