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You must have been told to stop whining again, huh?

Suburban Kamikaze

They reported it. Perhaps they were just being ironic. It can be hard to tell...



I'm sure that everyone who came in contact with Dahmer, Blagojevich, or Frey were complaining.

This preening, flighty, whiner from Virginia would totally come and complain with you except that I get made fun of for my accent (think Appalachian mountains meets a Texan Georgia peach, it's that bad).


I don't think we should let Missouri in, or parts of Southern IL and IN. They talk funny there which no doubt indicates a more relaxed work ethic.
And you forgot Ed Gein. Blame it on the winters and religions that have all the most creative aspects of fundamentalism and guilt.


I would rather have been eaten by Dahmer than spend even one minute with Blagojevich.

Audubon Ron

Horse poop I tell you. I married a Chicago/Wisconsiner and she can be the princess of darkness.

Suburban Kamikaze

Exactly. I married one too. Though he does love to point this stuff out to me, just to piss me off. I am a flighty, preening, whiner myself; the product of Califloritexas.


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