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They forgot to mention quiche.
I'm wearing khakis right now. I don't feel particularly manly, but maybe I should do my part and help some old lady across the street. More likely, some old lady in khakis will try to help me across the street and we'll just stand there, looking confused.

Audubon Ron

That’s funny coming from a company that was once an American Company but moved 11 of its manufacturing companies offshore to Mexico and Central America to be precise and killed 6,000 US jobs. Maybe they need more testosterone in Central America. That’s why I’m a Wrangler man.

Incidentally, I don’t wear underwear. No gun belt is going to holster this weapon, I’m packing real heat. (You set that up, not me).


I see that testosterone levels can be increased with those roomy pleated Dockers, the kind that allow the balls to swing freely and for a man to scratch himself at will under the guise of the pleats.


The BrandWeek interview is so lame. It doesn't even address the issue of the sexism in the ad campaign.


I can tell you exactly which pants he shouldn't be wearing...RAWR. (Sorry. It's been a while since I've seen abs like that.)

Since when do Dockers signal manliness? The Marlboro Man didn't wear Dockers. Neither did Chuck Norris. (You knew I was going to have to throw him in there, didn't you?)


The man in this photo is a professional tennis player who demonstrates his masculinity by shoving tennis balls down his opponents throats. Okay maybe not the best way to put it....

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