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I've always wondered how you and Bossy can post pictures of your kids without becoming victims of matricide. Do you rent them or something?

Suburban Kamikaze

I am pretty sure Bossy pays her kids. What else explains all the cooperation? I have to hide in the bushes like the paparazzi. Even so, I am regularly forced to use stunt doubles.


Audubon Ron

Happy BDay B.E. (Not sure why but I'm feeling very acronymic today."


I don't remember the Sesame Street tee shirt but it sure was a fast path from jumping up and down on the roof of the SUV to driving it. I mean, people talk about having kids like it's some big commitment but really, they are grown and gone before you can even pay off the house....

Suburban Kamikaze

Certain parts go by way too fast. Others really should be much shorter, for sanity's sake.



Awwww, I have a little cousin I could hook him up with...mostly just to get rid of the little cousin. ;-) (She thinks my name is ATM.)

Anywho, Happy Belated Birthday, Boy, Esq.! (I'm always late for these things. Sorry.)


A belated happy birthday to Boy, Esq.

My very own manchild will be turning 15 in March. God help us all.

Mr Lady

Fifteen, huh?

It was nice knowing you. :)

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