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Audubon Ron

Can I give you an address to send the costume? I'll send you a check. I actually have a use for it. I'll send you pictures. But, you have to promise not to put them up on the Internet. PROMISE!


Just wait a few years, she'll be dressing up again. I've got to upload that picture of my sexy witch who recycled her Hermione costume over a black lacy dress and knee high black boots. The boys were more mundane -- one with a football jersey, the other a Hawaiian shirt and leis went as a tourist.


You never know. She may decide to do Peter Pan in summer stock this year. Then again, I can't think of a single use of a Tinkerbelle outfit that won't get A-Ron arrested, so why not sell it to him and see what happens!

Suburban Kamikaze

I'm not sure it would fit you Ron, but I like the spirit. Very Fort Lauderdale.

Robert K

Just another moment wherein I'm grateful to have sons.

Don't get me wrong -- she's adorable -- a little, blond, bespectacled version of Suburban Kamikaze herself.

But the kinda thing you describe here would make me insane.

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