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Suburban Kamikaze

Oh come on people... it's like Moby Dick for the Twitter Age. Anyone?
No? Fine. I'll start.
"It was the best of partially hydrogenated vegetable oil; it was the worst of partially hydrogentated vegetable oil..."

Audubon Ron

I'm not a user.


Look, lady. You may be able to push Pop-Tart knock-offs on your kids, but not on me.

This box looks suspiciously like 'Toaster Tastys' to me.

Suburban Kamikaze

Okay, so it's a cheap store brand, purchased - I will add in my defense - only because the ninth-grader has been buying them for lunch at about a 250 percent mark-up. (You can not lose money on the high school Pop-Tart franchise at any price.) So I had the economically savvy - if nutritionally deficient - idea that he could bring them from home instead at ENORMOUS SAVINGS.

Of course you already know how this has worked out...

Suburban Kamikaze

**And by "high school Pop-Tart franchise" I mean the sale of any rectangularly-shaped, pastry-like snack product.



No doubt there's a stack of Toaster Tastys in the bottom of his locker.

Bring lunch from home?


Suburban Kamikaze

No, the stack of Toasty Taster Pastry Rectangle wrappers is behind the couch in the living room. The lesson here being: 1. In a house full of children old enough to open cabinets by themselves, all snacks will be consumed within a 50-foot radius of where they are stored.
2. The school Pop-Tart franchise continues to sell your child the same number of Pop-Tarts as before.

It's a win-win for the Pop-Tart industry. This is what economists refer to as "frosting the market."



Duly noted.

Executive Suburbanite

You have known this for years -- buy a snack in bulk at Costco and they will simply eat more of it. So you persist in repeating the same ineffective behaviors. It's what economists refer to as "unlearned obsolescence."

Suburban Kamikaze

And yet, the consumer-oriented mass media - and I am speaking here of the monthly print variety - continues to foist such hopeless cost-cutting schemes upon us...

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