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Audubon Ron

Whoa, that was interesting.


It's posts like these that keep me coming back.


I will not be able to read my kids pooh books to them now without thinking Tigger is a liability. Lol.

I guess I will just have to read them some Poe and call it a day.


But seriously, who from the 100 Acre Wood would you pick? I totally agree that an office full of Tiggers would be the epitome of annoying -- exuberance without brains is pretty much a disaster in any workplace. An office full of Eeyores would be completely depressing. One full of Poohs...well, I'm guessing there would be a lot of office parties and snacking. Personally, I might choose a whole office full of Roos. Except for the whole can't dress himself thing, he's pretty clever and practical. Basically, this is a long way of saying that I agree that the HR person may not have picked the right story to stock her office. Then again, I read my kids the opening scene of Hamlet (they wanted a ghost story), and I'm not sure there's anyone much better in there to stock an office either.

Suburban Kamikaze

I grant you that Eeyore is not the life of the party. (He's the one who is always standing too close when the life of the party throws up...) But he's uncommonly sensible for a stuffed animal: "Getting Tigger down," said Eeyore, and Not hurting anybody. Keep those two ideas in your head Piglet, and you'll be all right."

Even so, in my forthcoming business self-help manifesto, "What Color Was that Cheese that Somebody Moved?" I will make a case for Gilligan's Island as a hiring template.


Robert Kuntz

In that spirit, let me just say "Mary Ann".

Suburban Kamikaze

The correct answer is Ginger.


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