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Dog training, horse training, child training, all pretty much the same. Children should be attached to considerably shorter leashes though and never be allowed to drink out of the toilet.


LMAO at nthnglsts' comment. I agree with not letting them drink from the toilet. Especially when you're trying to teach them to pee in there.

It's all relative. Training is training, it just differs. I have had several nice comments on my children's good behavior in public restaurants, all because I don't let them get by with the misbehavior (and since we don't eat out very often, they usually get something they REALLY want). :-)

Suburban Kamikaze

Don't let Nthnglst fool you. Both her children were allowed to drink from the toilet. She calls it "parenting by natural selection" and I would not be surprised to see it become the next big thing.


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