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Executive Suburbanite

Classic photos. I just found out mine is eating pizza every single day at lunch with a Gatorade and this costs $5 a DAY. I thought school lunches were supposed to be cheap.

Suburban Kamikaze

There is nothing cheap about teen-agers. Trust me, we are headed to the poorhouse. Whatever that is.



Ummm. Is this Superman doll from a Gay shop?


You should make them eat the pumpkins once Halloween's over.

I know.


Suburban Kamikaze

I photographed Superman outside a ride at the Six Flags theme park, where we spent the November mortgage payment and where they take their superheroes seriously enough to render them anatomically... um, super.
Not a terribly impressive pumpkin however.


So much for healthy school lunches. Why do they even offer Pizza and Gatorade?

Suburban Kamikaze

Maybe Eurolush has the right idea. Pumpkin and jelly sandwiches?

Audubon Ron

You still have a mortgage payment?

Miss Spoken

Maybe it's time to switch up the traditions (yet again) with some new rules. Like, must be able to carry pumpkin out of patch with sibling attached to ankle. Or must be able to drive pumpkin home.

Mr Lady

New rule: Every year, the pumpkin can be as big as (body organ of choice.) This year, I vote spleen.

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