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Executive Suburbanite

I'm impressed that he even wanted to go to the dance, with a date (same one?) and let you buy him a suit. My Giant, because there was a debate tournament and he absolutely HAD to have a suit or he'd fail, allowed me to take him shopping. I took him to Goodwill. There was no way in hell I was spending money on him, he'd wear it twice (for two debate tournaments) and then throw it away if he didn't outgrow it first. Pants, jacket, shirt, tie, $19.60. He would not let me take a picture, but a friend of mine got one and it's now on my cell phone.

Suburban Kamikaze

Fine. You got the whole ensemble for what I spent on a tie. For a 14-year-old. But someday, when we're both old ladies living in Key West on your savings, plus whatever Dianne can make selling produce from the back yard, I will be able to look back at my receipts and imagine how handsome my son probably looked.


Wow. I'm going to have to sell more fruit if you are going to go for $19 ties. That's our old age Mojito money you are throwing around there!


I never knew the executive suburbanite was so frugal. Maybe you should start your own blog. The frugal executive. Grace will let us take pictures tomorrow. Aaah. The beauty of a daughter.

Audubon Ron

Well F me backwards and sideways and backwards one more for good measure. To think of all the times I HAD to let my mother poke and prod and dress me like a Ken doll and lean me up somewhere for that perfect picture, oh, and the Mutha Fing clothes she made I had to wear like the blue striped terry cloth bellbottoms with the elastic waist and no fly and the blue terry shirt she made that barely was long enough to touch the elastic waist, that whole ensemble that was the exact one she made my little brother and the 300 looks of total satisfaction on her face as she turned her attention from the windshield to the back seat to review her wonderful handy crafted work on her two sons on our way to Pensacola, Florida as my brother and sat there looking like Dustin Hoffman in Papillion. It was at that very moment I realized I could not bear the look of pain on her face if I refused wearing it. It was at that moment, on that day, I vowed I would become a Gigolo. My brother on the other hand decided to vow to become homeless, which he did.

Suburban Kamikaze

My mother cruelly allowed me to follow my own fashion whims. I went to my senior prom in a dress that looks like it came from the JCPenney sleepwear collection.


See? This is what happens when you have a boy. My son is the same way. (And if he doesn't stop growing I may have to get a second mortgage.) My friends who have daughters are my only source of information and photos!

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