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Audubon Ron

This is exactly how I feel when a reporter knocks on my door, like what just happened to me recently, asking about stuff. After reading the article the next day I remark, “Well, it could have gone better, but on the other hand, it could have gone a whole lot worse.”


Umm, my copy of your book The Unrealistic Underachiever's Guide to Ambitious Last Minute Theme Parties seems to be on back order. Can you send me a few tips? I have a sweet 16, a happy 18th and a graduation party to throw in the coming year. I'm planning to do it all last minute.

Suburban Kamikaze

Are you sure you haven't read the book? Because you are working right off the list: 1. Over-commit 2. Wait until the last minute, then commit to some more. 3. Up the difficulty factor with added complications. Why not? It's not as if it won't be chaos anyway. 4. Send me an invitation. I'll bring the wine.


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