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That's the same phenomenon as the grocery list that never makes it to your purse. If I had a nickel for the number of times I have had to receive about 8 text messages to get the whole list...I'd be filthy rich because I never remember the list. I've even moved it off my purse to pick my purse up to leave and left it behind.


So basically what you are telling me is that the constant repetition of things like "put on your shoes" and "eat your dinner; don't play with it" doesn't end when they get old enough to read? We just remove those notes from our voice to our post its, and they still get ignored? *sigh* This does not make me look forward to my children outgrowing preschool.

Suburban Kamikaze

Like making a grocery list, or grocery shopping in general, crafting reminders on Post-it notes is an example of something that seems like a good idea, but is really a waste of time and yellow paper.



First of all, the AP has left the building. "Owls?" LOL! Secondly, if you don't text it or FB it they won't get it. And even then you cannot post as Mom. I'm still trying to figure out why they don't let the video game designers teach school. They know what kids listen to. Grand Theft Algebra II coming at ya!

Mr Lady

Or maybe just the talons. :)


The notes are a fine idea, but it's WHERE you post them. Bossy is thinking foreheads are a very good idea.

Lisa Stone

I'm with you.

Off to the hardware store to buy cans of spray paint. Color-coded...


I think gas stations have the right idea. Everything you want (like the key to the bathroom, OMG HURRY) must be attached to something you don't want, like a wheel from a '74 Nova. The key to unlock your cell phone from the '74 Nova wheel is at your violin teacher's studio.

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