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Those of us who are art connoisseurs know that it is just another bowl of fruit....

Audubon Ron

Sometimes you see things in New York you didn't expect.


I'm sure when you were done, you would make a carving in tribute to his ummm...familial endowment. Or at the very least a clone.(http://www.SexualWellBeing.com/CloneAWilly)


Oh, how I've missed reading here. It's nice to be back in blog land. (Btw, I want on that school supply cocktail train. If I invited you to a party that served Kindergarten Playgrounds (chocolate martinis, but the brave dust the rims of their glasses with sandbox crumbs), would you come?)

As for the museums and art, it's all very well to do those things with other grown-ups, which I'm sure is very nice and edifying and cultural and all that. But I hope there is some shopping going on that doesn't involve having to take young children with you into dressing rooms. That's really the icing on the Big City Solo Trip cake, in my book.

Suburban Kamikaze

You will be the first stop on my Midwestern Martini Tour.
And yes, I put in my time on Fifth Avenue, read Moby Dick on the steps of the Natural History Museum, drank margaritas in Rockefeller plaza and watched Jude Law make "Hamlet" seem too short. I love New York.


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