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I feel so naked. So exposed. Those researchers much be geniuses or spies or otherwise trained in the art of ferreting out the carefully-hidden elements of human personality. It's like someone read my 4th grade diary and then told EVERYONE that I had a crush on Matt. I hope they win some kind of prize for the intrepid nature of their research.

Audubon Ron

I been tracking the nation’s mood for sometime: Sex, The OJ Simpson Trial, Sex, the Bush W elections, sex, WTF happened in New York on 911, sex, more sex, lets go kill those bastards, sex, you can stick those French fries up your ass, sex, iRan, iRock, iAfghanistan, iPokeIndiaintheeye, sex, we’re going broke George W. oh yeah, I guess we are, sex, more sex, elect the Obby One, sex, Bernie made off with all the money, sex, oh shit we elected a Muslim for president, sex, thank God Michael Jackson is dead, more sex…

Mr Lady

Ron wins best comment ever.

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