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Robert Kuntz

I believe all the renovations have been completed here:


Just sayin'.

Audubon Ron

Hell I love a good parenting book and don't have kids. In fact, I think I'll write one for the parent who does it all wrong.

Chapter One: You idiot! Haven’t you figured out your ungrateful wretch's IQ drops 50 points at 13 years of young and doesn’t attempt to stabilize until they reach age 32? And, you haven’t figured out a way to train that little animal like a circus elephant with behavior/reward motivations like: “No clothes, no food, no money for you, one year. I only had you so one day I could kill you and eat your liver, what’s this mom thing?”


This post has me terrified for what my life will be like in a few years. I'm still in the snuggly kindergartener stage of things, but having just purchased shoes size 1.5 today, I can see that quality time might disintegrate before I can even catch my breath. Yikes. Good luck the next two weeks.


I feel your pain. I once believed that I was a smart woman. Evidently I was mistaken - at least according to my 14 year old son.


I can't even get my 14 year old to watch the 3 Stooges with me. I mean, come on. He's just trying to get under my skin, right? However the whole chocolate milk thing was fairly predictable. I seem to remember someone who would not eat a mouthful of Subway sandwich on an 8 hour drive because she just couldn't put less than amazing food in her mouth if there was a chance of something really good within the next 48 hours. Seems genetic to me.

Suburban Kamikaze

He's drinking 24-karat milk with Doritos and I am on a quest for the perfect olive. Can DNA really be blamed here?


I was all set to yell at you for buying Oberweis but thankfully you already know what a crock that scam is. And re the wonderful journey you've just started with your little one? My 23-year-old college senior stopped by for a few days last week to make sure I know how untidy my house is. She used the word 'hoarder' with a little laugh. I used the words "working 50 hours a week to keep up with goddamn college fees doesn't leave much time for going through crap"... well, I didn't actually use them but I thought them real hard.

Well Read Hostess

Are there any scarier words in the English language than "trust me mom"??

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