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I'm not sure why you don't believe the government is looking out for our best interest. I mean, when have they ever betrayed your trust? Well,aside from that selling the senate seat, and there was the trucking licenses, and, oh, maybe a few more incidents. Just a few bad apples, I tell you. Trust them.

Suburban Kamikaze

We pretty much have to trust them in Illinois, where the state motto is none of your business.

Jennifer A

This is the most ridiculous thing I have heard of from our state. Its simple, tell school districts, cities etc to STOP fighting these requests. We're not asking for the codes to release the nukes, we asking for information for things we pay for with our taxes. I can't wait until next year when they want to pass the income tax increase how much garbage we hear.

James Bondage

The Germans built a glass government building, because of their Chicago like problems after WW2. Talk about your government transparency. Not sure you would want to see that much of the guts of the Chicago political engine though.


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