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My obsession was little green army men. Who doesn't like a man in uniform? Of course, having two brothers who held my barbies hostage and ripped them limb for limb didn't help either...

'cuz I'm the mommy, that's why

Keep the fairies. Never know when you'll need their magic...
I still have my barbies (somewhere), my Cabbage Patch Kids, some of my bear collection (I thinned the herd at 31), and a box of baby/toddler stuff from whe I was a wee tyke. I am currently contemplating getting rid of the football-folded notes left from junior high...
I do wish I knew what happened to my plastic charm necklaces and my original garbage Pail Kids cards.


You never know when you'll need a little magic. Sounds like you were as successful keeping Barbie out of your house as I was keeping Disney out of my house. Be our guest...


You know, I think it'll be awesome when they are adults and you let them look through the box. I'll probably need a huge treasure chest in the attic to fill with their favorite toys from different years. Things that I can keep and let the grandkids play with someday...or, something my kids can clean out of the attic when I die. Lol.


Blowjob Barbie. Bossy missed this release. Do all her dresses sport milky stains?


okay, have been lurking for a couple weeks and finally have to post...love your blog! ...and now I'm pretty much convinced there are thousands of us living parallel lives...keep up the good work—-who doesn't love a snarky mom...and a little magic?


I'm with Bossy, that must be the Monica Lewinsky doll with the dress stains.


Never, ever announce to friends and family that you are against a particular toy or character. I tried to do a Barney ban years ago. I ended up with a Barney-themed baby shower and more Barney toys and books than you could burn in a minute with a match and lighter fluid.

Suburban Kamikaze

I should have made it clear I was opposed to the idea of a college fund.


Mr Lady

My niece, for her fourth birthday, from her immigrant Indian grandparents whose grasp of the English language was questionable at best, received a Barbie in a miniskirt with, oh yes, clear high heel shoes and the packaging she came in was a graffiti'd street corner.

I wish I was kidding.

Audubon Ron

Blowjob Barbie...milky stains. Deosn't anybody swallow anymore? I use to collect GI Joe. The last one I blew up with an M80. I always wondered if I'd act out and become a cereal killer. I hated Tony the Tiger. Uh, the picture of your daughter with the black lips. That one scares me.


Oh yes, I'll try that reverse psychology college fund resistance...because like Paulita it worked wonders keeping us well stocked with unwanted Disney propaganda...

I've started saving bits and pieces of my kids' life stages and wish my mother had done that. I miss my P.J. (Barbie's little sister, if you recall) and favorite lovey Theodore Everett Bear!

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