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Audubon Ron

Abs come easy when you’re 5’11” and weigh 150 lbs. I’m 5’11.” My head by itself weighs 150 lbs. (I have a big head)
I married one like that, 5’8”, 100 lbs, minus the $63 per hour and I can’t say I’ve ever seen mine in water. Mine is also 49. Mine likes cheap wine. Mine helps little kids come to the realization life delivered them a raw deal but that’s never a reason to lie to their therapist.
If it’s too good to seem true, it probably is. If it makes you feel any better, Dara can’t stay married longer than 3 minutes. If one believes everything they read on Wikipedia, her daughter is the effort of herself and her fertility doctor, who are not married, but “they do remain close friends.”
So let’s raise the bar, let’s see Dara have three children, stay married to one guy, break swim records and write a book. So, you and Dara are even the way I see it.


Oh, I thought that was a picture of you. She's probably not nearly as witty.

Suburban Kamikaze

Dara can do anything she wants to, I would guess. Ten bucks says she already has a book contract... The resemblance is uncanny, but I've been letting my hair grow out a bit.



she is way too skinny


That bitch with those abs! I wanna hate her, but I can't. Even though I have 7 fewer inches on which to spread my 150 - oh fine, shut up, 160 - pounds.

Your comment at Foolery about the push-up bra and ze French accent made me giggle. Glad I stopped by.

Suburban Kamikaze

But of course! It is all in my forthcoming book: The Underachiever's Guide to Looking Hot.

Hope to see you back again.



I had to enlarge the photo to get it because I thought she had seams around her thigh muscles. It turns out that's simply the water line in her pool, but for a while there, I was really sort of horrified by her legs. I found that oddly comforting, which is probably not very nice of me. Sorry.

Executive (no longer sub)urbanite

The Underachiever's Guide to Looking Hot - now that's a book that would sell. If you would actually write it. Which you won't.


If you photoshop David Bowie's head on her body, it all becomes very clear. Killer abs went out with glam rock and unisex hair. With or without the water lines, killer abs on a woman are tres' scary and a bit stringy looking, no?

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